Shire Armorial

        These are the registered Arms, Devices and Awards of our Shire members. Please contact the webminster if you want to be included

Duncan Sinclair:
     Duncan bears the arms Argent, in cheif three fish bendwise contourny in chevron inverted vert and in base a brown bear statant contourny proper

Awards: None
Wulfwen atte Belle:
      Mistress Wulfwen bears the Arms Or, on a bend sinister between two wolf's heads contourny erased gules, four bells palewise Or.

Awards: Laurel, Dragon's Heart, Evergreen, Willow, Purple Fret, Award of Arms, Sapphire

Aaron of Buckminster:
     Sir Aaron bears the Arms Vert, on a bend sinister between two arrows bendwise sinister argent, a sword vert.

Awards: Chivalry,Pelican, Award of Arms, Leaf of Merit (West)


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